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The Client:

A large local authority in south-east Queensland offering a diverse range of services to the community.

The Brief:

The organisation was pursuing innovative and strategic initiatives to improve attraction and retention of professionals in critical roles and skill areas.

The client had had difficulty over some time in attracting and retaining certain professionals with escalating competition from other employers.

As one of a number of innovative initiatives, the client was seeking assistance to scope out and develop an 'Alumni Program' to support other recruitment, attraction and retention strategies.

Our Response:

We worked closely with human resources staff to develop a methodology that would initially test the Alumni concept for acceptance in the organisation, explore the benefits for managers and test stakeholder commitment.

It was important to build on existing practices and information, to reduce duplication of work, and to gain commitment and ownership from key managers and business units.

We researched the issues through interviews with key stakeholders and conducting targeted staff focus groups within the organisation; as well as researching practices of other relevant organisations.

We developed a model of how an Alumi project would work based on the organisation's specific needs. This included a framework, an outline of key implementation and resourcing issues, and an action plan to implement the initiative. We made recommendations addressing the ongoing management of the program.

The Results:

Our recommended model was approved and actioned by the client. We provided some follow up assistance to define a project officer role to implement and manage the Alumni program.

We completed the project over two months.

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