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The Client:

An industry association representing business located throughout Queensland.

The Brief:

The CEO engaged us to work with him to design and facilitate a process for his Board which would engage key stakeholders in a refresh of the association's strategic plan. 

The engagement involved two parts, firstly designing and facilitating a large scale workshop with stakeholders and then secondly designing and faciltating a workshop with the Board and management to provide outputs that would enable management to review and update their strategic plan.

Our Response:

We met with the CEO and management team of the organisation to understand key concerns and opportunities from their perspective and how the planning process would support them in their outcomes and key issues.  A major focus was to engage a wide range of stakeholders as well as their Board in the planning process to promote greater ownership and support for the strategic direction and priorities arising.

We designed and facilitated a workshop for some 60 people who were stakeholders invited from across Queensland.  The outcome was to capture stakeholder input on how they saw the key challenges facing the industry and to explore strategic choices and issues that the association could devote their resources to in support of the industry.  The outcome was a collaborative discussion which provided management and the Board with input on stakeholder priorities, issues and perspectives.

We then designed and faciltated a Board workshop which enabled the Board and mangement to jointly revisit the strategy, direction, vision and values taking into account the view of Board members, management and stakeholder input that had been provided

The Results:

We worked collaboratively with the CEO to ensure the workshops produced the focused outcomes required to assist management to update their strategy. 

We received positive feedback that the workshops had engaged people, been inclusive and produced valuable input that was able to be taken forward.  Our work supported the Board in ensuring quality consultation with stakeholders was undertaken professionally and independently.  Having an external facilitator for the Board workshop enabled management and the Board to work jointly with all contributing to the refresh of the strategy..

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