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The Client:

The Chief Executive Officer of a statutory body undertaking a regulatory role in the insurance and financial services industry.

The Brief:

HR Advantage was engaged to provide change management and implementation coaching and support to the Chief Executive and the management team. This followed a major organisational restructure in which new teams had been established with new roles and responsibilities.

Recruitment activity meant that there had been significant changes in staff and in the roles and responsibilities of individuals within new teams.

The restructuring included significant expectations about cultural change including business improvement and enhanced people management practices.

Our Response:

In achieving the desired changes, HR Advantage recommended that the Chief Executive invest in the development of the new teams across the office to ensure they got off to a good start, establishing a positive working culture from the beginning.

We also recommended the introduction of new business and performance planning and development arrangements (these had been identified as lacking in effectiveness in the past).

HR Advantage started by working with the new leadership group involving the Chief Executive and direct reports.

We designed and facilitated a workshop to establish new team working arrangements including the leadership team role, how it would operate, expectations of one another, and how it would manage staff across the organisation. This addressed issues of leadership, culture development, business and operational planning, team and individual performance and development processes.

Following the leaders workshop, we held workshops with each newly formed functional team. These assisted each team to clarify their team role and identity within the new structure given the direction set by the new leadership team.

These enabled each team to explore expectations and develop a shared understanding of how they would work both within their teams and across the organisation.

We then worked with the leadership team and the workforce to design tailored processes for business and performance planning and development.

This included a new model, a revised organisational planning process, and a new individual performance planning and development process. The latter was supported by training that HR Advantage provided first to all leaders and then to all staff.

The Results:

There was significant positive feedback about the team development workshops, even though some staff had reservations at the outset (due to low trust issues from the past). The leadership team was able to quickly establish a shared direction, and build workforce confidence through demonstrating cohesiveness, improved staff communication, and through individual and collective actions and behaviours.

The workshops assisted new teams to clarify their roles and relationships within the new structure at an early stage.

Revised business and performance planning processes were fully implemented. Feedback was that these provided a meaningful basis for resource allocation, performance management and development.

A staff survey conducted months after the restructuring showed (from a low moral base before the restructuring) significant improvement in staff perceptions including the benefits of the changes, and new leadership and management practices.

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