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The Client:

A University employing some 5000 staff operaitng across multiple campuses within and outside Australia.


The Brief:

To design and faciltiate a focused workshop for 50 senior staff in leadership positions both subject to and required to lead major business areas through a period of far reaching organisational change.

The workshop was conducted at a time of significant uncertainty where changes yet to be announced would impact on staff numbers at all levels, merging of some areas, new business processes, and in all cases introducing new structures to all areas.

Our client, the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor, wanted to provide focused professional development to these senior leaders to support them directly and enable them to better support their staff through uncertain and difficult times.

Our Response:

We designed a workshop with a dual focus - assist participants to idenitfy personal strategies for managing change and strategies for leading others through change.  The approach recognised the personal impact and uncertaintly being faced by many of the senior leaders, including concerns about job security both for themselves and staff.

Using an interactive and experiential approach we guided participants through a process to explore the dynamics of large scale change, appreciate the psychological and behavioural responses, recognise stages of personal transition, the range of reactions and feelings during change and at different stages of change, recognise mindful choices and options in response to change, and appreciate concepts of resilience and how to build and support this personally and in others. 

Finally the workshop assisted participants to identify the practical needs of their teams and practical leadership actions they could adopt to support their teams and individuals within their teams. 

The Results:

We received positive feedback about the workshop.

Senior leaders who had felt somewhat isolated in working through the changes were able to share both the impacts of the situation with others and understand the various impacts and reactions that others were experience regarding the changes and how they were managing them. 

Arising from the workshop we were asked to conduct a similar workshop with the management team of one of the large and highly impacted functions to assist their leadership to process, plan and manage the changes being faced. 

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