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The Client:

A large multi-national organisation working in a high tech industry.

The Brief:

We were engaged to work with a senior leader following concerns that had been raised about how they worked with their peers and how they were mentoring staff.  Their manager had observed intepersonal conflict with team members - an at times combative approach to dealings with peers - and had concerns about their style of mentoring junior staff that was seen to be well meaning but at times over protective rather than empowering. 

The senior technical leader was a highly valued member of the Company with highl level technical skills, able to develop creative solutions to complex problems with a track record in creating substantial value for the Company.

Our Response:

We contracted with the senior technical leader and his manager establishing an agreed coaching process including groundrules and commitments required by both to optimise a successful outcome.   

We worked with the technical leader to explore the concerns and feedback that had been received.  The coaching structure explored emotional intellgience from self awareness and self perceptions, to impacts on others, to appreciating alternative approaches and working styles in others.  The technical leader was able to analyse and consider different behaviours and strategies around difficult and sensitive interaction with others and fostering cooperative rather than adversarial relationships.  The process also enabled the technical leader to reflect on their mentoring style and identify new actions and strategies recognising shortcoming in current methods and different ways that would enhance effectiveness.

Within the groundrules agreed at the outset we briefed the manager on progress and facilitated a hand over meeting between the manager and the technical leader to review the coaching process, conclusions and outcomes and to commit to actions leading forward and a process for monitoring and ongoing two way feedback. 

The Results:

The process ran over 3 months.  At the conclusion the technical leader had identified an action plan, agreed with his manager, focusing on core strategies and areas for ongoing review and development.  The manager and the HR Director for the organisation both reported positive feedback to us regarding tangible changes they had observed in the technical leader's behaviour during the coaching process and how he was exercising leadership in the workplace with more positive effects.

The technical leader expressed gratitude for the approach taken both in the Company investing in his professional development in this manner and in the approach taken by our consultant.  His feedback to us was that our approach had assisted him to adopt an open, exploring and learning mindset rather than becoming defensive or closed.  He reported the experience had been very positive and he had confidence in carrying through ongoing development as a senior leader with more productive professional interactions.

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