Conflict Resolution - Mediation Approach

Resolving Workplace Conflict

Case Studies

The Client:

The Operations Manager of a medium sized privately owned business working in the health sector.

The Brief:

We were engaged by a functional manager to help resolve conflict between two staff members.  One staff member had formally complained to the Chief Executive Officer regarding the behaviour of another staff member. 

The complainant had found this person difficult to work with and it was alleged they had made inappropriate negative comments about his work.  It was further alleged the staff member made public postings on Facebook that inferred negative views of the complainant. 

The person making the complaint was relatively new to the organisation and was charged with implementing procedural changes.  He had found the other staff member to be uncooperative in adopting some of the changes required and it was against this background that tensions seem to have developed.

Our Response:

We individually interviewed the operational manager and the two staff members involved to understand the perspectives of each of them and to identify the key concerns, issues and the options for resolultion.  This included gathering and validating relevant evidence related to the allegations.

We then met jointly with the three officers to facilitate a discussion to enable the concerns to be discussed directly and to explore options regarding resolution of the issues.  As a result the parties were able to reach agreement including commitments on how to remedy the concerns raised and agreement regarding how they would work together productively in the future.  

A monitoring process was established to follow up on actions agreed with the manager taking an active role in supporting these outcomes. 

The Results:

The action plan that was facilitated at the joint meeting was fully implemented to the satisfaction of the parties involved - the complainant, the other staff member and the manager.  The complainant was satisfied with the actions that had been taken by management to get a speedy resolution and to address his concerns.

All parties advised our consultant on later follow up of their saisfaction with the outcomes that had been achieved and the fairness of the process undertaken. 

Both staff members were able to work together on a productive basis with the manager reporting confidence in their professional interactions.

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