Ergonomic Review of Joystick Controls - Heavy Earthmoving Equipment


Case Studies

The Client:

A third party organisation providing services to a Mining Company in Queensland.

The Brief:

We were engaged to work with the third party organistion to provide specific expertise to undertake an Ergonomics Review of the use of joysticks in cabs of heavy earthmoving equipment.

Our Response:

We focused attention to the effect of changing from the traditional controls used in graders, dozers and excavators to joystick controls.  We understook an ergonomics workstation reivew of the cabs fitted with the newer technology.  Observations were undertaken and skilled operators who had worked with both the old and new technology were involved in the discussions and demonstrations.

The Results:

Based on our work we were able to reassure the mining organisation that the ergonomics of the cabs using the joystick controls was sound.  A report was provided to this effect.

We provided an oral briefing to the Chief Executive while on site and was able to offer suggestions regarding ergonomic improvements with respect to some other matters unrelated to the joysticks but observed and discussed incidentally to the primary review.

Feedback from the client regarding the primary review and outcomes and the additional value added briefing to the Chief Executive was highly positive.

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