Ergonomics Assessment of Workstations - Manual Tasks Review


Case Studies

The Client:

A regional local Government organisation.

The Brief:

To assess office workstations and make recommendations associated with the set up of a new workspace and provide advice on the completion of specific manual tasks.

Our Response:

We used an indvidualised training approach for the office workstation element of the brief.

All staff attended a common training presentation where they were provided with guidelines on assessing their own and a colleague's workstation.  They were provided with time to undertake their assessments and make adjustments to their workstations accordingly.  We then worked with individuals to assess their workstations.  The Chief Executive participated in the training including personal assessment.

We also made an ergonomic assessment of manual tasks in administration storage, spare parts and warehouse storage, workshop storage and tasks involved in the removal of kangaroo carcasses from roads and the moving of furniture and equipment between council owned properties.  This led to identiication of improvements to how these processes were undertaken.

The Results:

The Chief Executive was given feedback about the process and outcomes.

We provided a report regarding the work undertaken which included follow up recommendations for improvements.  Feedback from the client was that these were accepted and implemented.

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