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The Client:

A large multi-national organisation.

The Brief:

We were engaged to work with a high performing and highly regarded senior executive, a direct report to the CEO, following adverse feedback received by the HR Director and CEO about the leadership of this executive.  Several staff raised concerns which went to fair treatment of staff, perceptions of gender bias, lack of inclusiveness and autocratic leadership. 

These issues had not been raised previously and came as a surprise.  The CEO wanted to invest in the Executive by providing targeted support to resolve and address the concerns raised.

Our Response:

We contracted with the Executive and his manager establishing an agreed coaching process including key principles and commitments required by both parties to optimise a successful outcome.

We worked with the Executive to explore the issues that had been raised.  Our support assisted the Executive to fully debrief and process the feedback received, reflect on personal leadership behaviours, style and effectiveness, identify behaviours, actions and strategies to address specific concerns, and identify goals for their ongoing development as  a senior leader.  Finally we helped the Executive put forward a clear plan to action identified areas for improvement including timeframes and gaining support from his manager.

We kept the manager updated on progress in line with groundrules that had been established and when the process was well advanced facilitated a meeting of the manager and the Executive to discuss the conclusions from the coaching process, ongoing commitments, and practical actions arising.  We also briefed the HR Director within the guidelines that had been agreed to ensuring they were kept informed of progress and outcomes.

The Results:

The Execucutive and his manager expressed thanks for the assistance provided.  The Executive was pleased to have the opportunity to engage with an independent coach to work through the issues and develop a positive response.  They commented to us that they felt professionally and personally supported and valued in the process, providing confidence for them to move forward after facing up to difficult, sensitive and confronting feedback about their leadership.

His manager and the HR Director also expressed confidence in the coaching process and the otucomes that were achieved with expert support. 

Additonal feedback we received following the engagement indicated clear behavioural changes by the Executive with leadership and development goals being progressively addressed.

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