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The Client:

A medium sized privately owned business in the health sector operating in Australia and New Zealand.

The Brief:

To provide regular strategic and operational advice to the Chief Executive Officer and key operational managers regarding people and culture and the practical application of people management processes across the business.

Our Response:

Regular meetings held with the Chief Executive Officer to discuss issues and performance within the business and implications for the management and development of people and the organisational culture. 

Discussions covered strategic and operational issues with both planned and proactive matters identified and addressed as well as the ability to respond to reactive people matters arising within the business from time to time.  Contributing to a strategic and sophisticated understanding of people and culture and how to translate this into practice within the context of this business.

The Results:

Over some 10 years HR Advantage has provided valued assistance from a people and culture perspective to the development and growth of the business.  Key outcomes have included:

  • input to due diligence for merger activities relating to workforce and HRM matters
  • advice and assistance with restructuring involving changes over time to organisational structures, roles, workforce composition, and size in response to changing business needs
  • advice to the CEO and Board on strategic HR issues for the business
  • support for CEO succession
  • leadership coaching for the CEO and key operational managers
  • advice and assistance in the development of key HR processes such as for performance management, employee conduct, managing employee concerns, recruitment
  • assistance in the establishment of an internal HR committee to improve employee engagement
  • advice on the development of a HR manual / policies for the business
  • advice on change management
  • assistance in addressing performance concerns and coaching of leaders managing a range of more complex staffing matters
  • resolving workplace complaints / grievances
  • leadership development activities for key managers and the executive management team
  • team development activities for staff
  • cultural change advice and support.

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