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The Client:

A medium sized pharmaceutical manufacturing client based in Brisbane, employing approximately 260 staff in Queensland, NSW and capital cities in other States.

The Brief:

HR Advantage was invited to work with the Human Resources team to review their roles and responsibilities with the aim of aligning their work more effectively with changing strategic objectives for the business. We had conducted a comprehensive Human Resources Audit of the business and were uniquely placed to do this project.

The business was planning a change in the services delivered within its business model. This led to greater needs for technology, marketing and information management and less need for manufacturing and operations management. The services of Human Resources, which were largely directed towards the traditional manufacturing department, needed to reposition to both reflect and support the changes.

Our Response:

The two HR Advantage consultants who had conducted the Human Resources Audit worked together again on designing an effective intervention. Our project methodology included a data collection phase, team interviews, customer and team surveys, best practice research, a skills audit, recasting position descriptions and facilitation of work allocation discussions in an environment aimed at improving teamwork and mutual responsibility for group outcomes.

Our recommendations focussed on altering the services distribution within the team and providing basic Human Resource process skills training to line managers to enhance management skills and reduce the amount of "hand holding" by the team. This facilitated an increasing emphasis by senior Human Resource staff on strategy, processes and systems, and change management activities.

The Results:

The recommendations made by us were supported by the Senior Human Resource Executive and the Company's key executive leadership team.

The skills training for line managers assisted in reducing their reliance on the Human Resource function for basic services. Increased responsibility was developed and accepted within the team and the Human Resources group continued to provide an effective service with the Senior HR Executive able to work on broad business improvement issues. A greater emphasis on project work is evident within the team's workload.

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