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The Client:

The Chief Executive of a not for profit providing professsional and advocacy services for the community.

The Brief:

Against a background of growth, staffing changes and staffing concerns the Board and management identiifed a need to engage independent professional assistance to:

  • review the organisational structure given changes in funding, activites and roles and taking into acccount shifting service demands and responses
  • provide advice on performance information / indicators to support the Board and guide management and staff
  • establish a contemporary performance management and development process suited to the organisation's needs.

The brief required us to work inclusively, consulting with managers and staff.  We were asked to consider contextual issues including workplace culture and elements which may need to be both strengthened and changed to support the direction of the organisation.

Our Response:

We worked with key managers to understand the organisation, it's strategy, operations and existing relevant processes.

We reviewed documents and conducted  interivews with key staff and leaders, including the Board Chair, and we held staff focus groups.  We facilitated sessions with management and the Board.  These were open discussions to explore issues and assumptions and get input to and test solutions.

We worked with the Chief Exeuctive and key managers to provide regular staff updates and support staff consultations regarding changes.  This allowed for a collaborative approach, and enabled sensitive matters to be identified and managed.

Our advice considered cultural issues and included input on enablers of successful change and implementation needs.

The Results:

We developed a framework for monitoring organisational performance to enable recognition of achievements and team contributions.  The focus was to 'define what success looks like'.

The framework provided the basis for ongoing monitoring, reflection and improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.  It supports evidence based service planning and decision making and enables alignment of efforts between and within teams.  Importantly it provides the Board, management and staff with the ability to track and assess performance and initiative improvements.

Recommended structural changes were agreed and we updated Position Descriptions.  Leadesrhip roles were clearly articulated including significant changes ot the nature of the Chief Executive's role

A Performance and Development framework was provided along with implementation recommendations.

The Board Chair and Chief Executive provided positive feedback about our engagement.  They appreciated the quality and depth of our recommendations and how we engaged with staff.  Our recommendations were seen to be robust, pragmatic and relevant to the developing needs of the organisation and it's environment.

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