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The Client:

The Queensland region of a large multi national insurance and financial services provider.

The Brief:

HR Advantage was engaged to provide advice and assistance to resolve major inter-team working problems that were resulting in under performance for the Queensland region.

The teams were required to work effectively together as they had inter-dependent roles linked to clearly defined business outcomes.

Performance indicators and revenue targets for the region were not being met. Problems with these teams working effectively together were seen to be a key causal factor.

Our Response:

HR Advantage met with the Human Resources Manager and each of the Executives responsible for the teams to gain background and an understanding of the issues.

It became clear that there was a common recognition of the problems, commitment and goodwill at the Executive level to improve teamworking and achieve an effective resolution.

We agreed a way forward which was to facilitate a large all staff workshop for both teams to work through the issues of concern. This combined workshop comprised some 60 staff.

The workshop was designed to develop team work skills by enabling the teams to come together and develop a greater understanding of each other's roles, to build a shared view of what effective teamwork would require for these teams to achieve expected business outcomes, to focus on actions required to strengthen individual and team relationships, and to work through conflict more effectively.

The workshop was timed ahead of an internal operational planning day involving both groups. This was to produce an action plan to address the business performance concerns. Our workshop was designed to pave the way for constructive dialogue, setting a positive climate for this meeting to be productive and as a foundation for cooperation between the teams in the future.

The Results:

The workshop was highly successful in achieving a common understanding of respective needs in meeting the Company's objectives, and a shared recognition of how to work together moving forward. There was an increased practical understanding of what each team needed from the other.

Our client reported significant improvements in inter-team relationships and outcomes associated with revenue targets and performance indicators. The workshop was considered to be a highly successful intervention that paved the way for the operational business planning and which enabled the teams to refocus on their shared objectives and working requirements.

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