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The Client:

The Branch Manager and management team of a public service department providing technical services.

The Brief:

To administer and debrief a 360 degree feedback process for the Branch Head and other members of the management team. The process was to be developmentally oriented.

The team had not participated in significant leadership development activity as a team before. There was a desire to use this process for personal development and career planning for individuals, to strengthen team leadership, and to consider actions that may arise from the management level work which may be cascaded to other teams in the Branch.

Our Response:

We met with the management team to discuss their objectives and obtain agreement and commitment to the process. A two step process was agreed using robust tools selected to address the needs identified.

We firstly worked with the team using the Team Management Profiles. This involved each manager completing an online survey, the answers of which were analysed and profiled their work preferences including management and team work styles. These profiles were debriefed as part of a team development workshop. This facilitated reflection of individual and team operating styles, strengths, weaknesses and potential areas for action and improvement.

We then undertook a Linking Skills Profile (360 degree tool) with each manager, starting with the Branch Head. The individual results were debriefed confidentially in one on one meetings between our consultant and each manager. The debriefs explored the areas highlighted in the feedback as key strengths and those areas highlighted by the feedback for possible action and/or development. The career situation of each manager was discussed regarding the feedback and related development planning.

Individuals followed up the consultant debriefing with meetings with their managers and their teams to share results and discuss developmental actions arising.

The Results:

The management team was able to reflect on their individual and collective work preferences and profiles and identify implications for the issues they were working on and how they were working together. Some managers took this process further into their own work groups.

The outcome of the 360 degree feedback process was also very positive. Managers received both affirming feedback from their managers, peers, and subordinates as well as being able to reflect on and consider clearly identified points for action and/or development to strengthen their individual performance and/or to support career development aspirations.

The feedback from the intervention was that the investment in this activity (time and money) was highly valued. The ability to work with a skilled external, independent consultant was considered by managers to be critical in the credibility and confidentiality of the process and their confidence in it.

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