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The Client:

A unit of a public sector health service in Queensland. The unit employs 50 staff and needed to review the operations of a particular section, comprising a group of 20 people responsible for data management for a key program area.

The Brief:

HR Advantage was engaged to appraise work arrangements, work environment, structural and reporting arrangements.

There were concerns about existing working arrangements, work practices, management responsibilities and structure, performance management, induction and training, employee entitlements, and communication.

Our client wanted independent advice on how the group was working. This included clear identification of key issues with current operations and recommendations on improvements.

Our Response:

The review methodology needed to be inclusive, allowing for staff and stakeholders to input their views, identify problems, explore improvements and build support for the review and its outcomes.

Key recommendations included:

  • Structural changes to improve reporting arrangements, accountability, coordination, communication and operational efficiency
  • Formalising the establishment and staffing of the area to reduce operating costs by 5% per annum through more efficient use of employment modes
  • Introduction of more flexible working arrangements
  • Changes to work flows
  • Improvements to performance indicators and performance monitoring
  • Introduction of a range of improved staff management practices, including induction, training, and supervisory practices

The Results:

We completed the review over seven weeks. Senior management approved our report and recommendations.

Key areas of workforce risk were addressed. Key staff participated in implementing improvements arising.

We provided change management assistance and coaching for responsible managers to implement the recommendations.

Key managers drove implementation with consultant support as needed. Our assistance was phased out as improvements were successfully put in place by managers and staff.

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