Major Risk Assessment - Health and Safety Audit - Improvement Focus

Health and Safety

Case Studies

The Client:

A food manufacturer in regional Queensland.

The Brief:

The client was committed to health and safety and felt they were managing their risks well.

They sought an independent and expert review to find out if they were devoting the right level of resources to effectively managing risks.

Our Response:

We conducted a risk audit against 24 areas of risk. This involved developing a strong understanding of the business through:

  • a desk top audit of the systems and processes in place to manage risk
  • interviews with senior managers, the risk manager and line managers
  • observations of the operations - how things were done
  • discussions with employees
  • This enabled us to make an assessment of the major risks facing the business and the resources needed to address risk. Our approach considered what was needed to legally protect the organisation and its managers and related opportunities to boost efficiency.

We documented our findings in a Major Risk Report for senior management. This included recommendations to address concerns and deficiencies.

The Results:

A major risk associated with the storage of flammable liquid was identified and the risk was fully addressed through the implementation of audit recommendations.

The audit enabled top management to make informed decisions ensuring that the right level of resources are deployed to create an optimal efficient level of risk management without unnecessary cost to the business.

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