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Case Studies

The Client:

A Unit of a large public sector organisation with a policy, regulatory and compliance focus at a statewide level.

The Brief:

The Director of the Unit engaged HR Advantage to work with the management team to improve its effectiveness and alignment.

A staff survey had provided feedback that suggested the management team was not seen to be operating consistently and was not seen to be aligned in its approach to strategy for the Unit's business or staff management practices. Managers were seen to have different views on the role and priorities of the Unit and their roles in leading change.

Our Response:

We worked closely with the team firstly meeting individually with the Director and each manager to discuss the issues raised by the staff survey and relevant to the current operations, leadership and effectiveness of the team.

We then designed and facilitated team workshops. These encouraged team members to reflect on individual and team managerial roles and responsibilities. As changes were occurring in the Unit's business focus and priorities, these workshops involved consideration of change leadership needs and concerns.

The team did some work together on envisaging the future and, associated with this, planning the change processes that needed to occur in the Unit's business and processes and staff impacts. Work was done to identify the change leadership roles of managers both collectively as a management team and individually as key leaders.

There were a range of views and feelings and impacts for individuals which were recognised in the process.

The Results:

The outcome of this intervention was greater clarity for all members of the team in their individual and collective expectations and roles as leaders moving forward.

A common and agreed set of strategies for dealing with the key issues arising from the staff survey was developed. This included role clarity for the Unit and how the Unit needed to work together and be supported by managers.

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