Mature Team - Increasing Workloads - Practical Actions

Improving Team Performance

Case Studies

The Client:

A small, mature team providing services to the community in a public sector environment.

The Brief:

To work with the team to improve their team dynamics and performance in light of increasing workload pressures.

The Manager of the team was concerned about work pressure and stress that the team had been experiencing over a prolonged period and wanted to address and resolve the issues in a positive manner.

This was a small, well established team that had previously enjoyed positive intra team working relationships. However niggling interpersonal conflict was surfacing linked to increasing work pressures and workloads.

Our Response:

We held a team discussion to get input about the environment and the working issues the team were dealing with; all members agreed that workload stresses were at breaking point.

We gained agreement to conduct off site team development work and we designed and facilitated a practical action based workshop for the team.

This enabled the team to undertake a critical analysis of how it had been operating, to identify strengths and areas for improvement and key actions. Options and alternatives were explored to address workload pressures and an action plan developed. This included changes to work practices, improved team meeting processes, and more effective planning regimes.

We used Team Management Profiles in the workshop process. This introduced new team frameworks and models to the group. While they were a mature group who had been operating together for some time, they had not previously participated in structured team development and found these models helped them to take a fresh view of how they were working both at individual and group levels.

These Profiles provided personal professional development at an individual level - recognising personal work preferences, needs and styles. The team frameworks provided a positive input for critical self assessment of the team's performance and helped in identifying areas for new actions and improvement to address the team's concerns.

The Results:

A follow up session with the team reviewed the action plan and helped to keep things on track. Team members, who had initially been reluctant to invest time in an off site workshop because of workload pressures saw the intervention as helpful and productive.

The manager reported that interpersonal conflicts had largely dispersed and that the action plan, including changes to work processes, team meetings and team planning had assisted the team to better manage changing work demands delivering signficant improvement.

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