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The Client:

A new statewide health service operating from a Queensland hospital.

The Brief:

A new organisational structure was established after funding was secured for this service. A management team of some 15 managers had been appointed, some of whom had worked together before and some of whom had not.

The responsible senior manager engaged HR Advantage to work with the team at an early stage to accelerate the development of team relationships and establish how they would work together as a leadership group.

Our Response:

HR Advantage designed a team development workshop in consultation initially with the senior manager. A key focus was to assist the new team to get to know each other professionally and personally quickly, with an understanding of their own and other's working styles. This was aimed at developing good intra team relationships, recognising that some team members knew each other and had worked together before and some had not.

The workshop also focused on getting the team to assess the workforce and business requirements given they were at the 'start up' stage for the new organisation.

A new structure had recently been established and staffed and the team undertook an assessment of the current state of play, reviewed issues and agreed priorities in getting the new organisation working effectively. This led to clearly identified actions which formed the basis of the early work program for this leadership team.

The Results:

Managers reported that the workshop accelerated the development of a cohesive management team from an early stage and assisted them to agree and focus on key priorities.

One of the outcomes arising from the workshop was recognition by managers of broader workforce needs for support during change and in the establishment of the new health service. Leadership actions in this regard were identified. HR Advantage was further engaged to design and facilitate staff based workshops to engage everyone with the changes and foster alignment in purpose, focus and direction between managers and staff.

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