New Team Roles and Working Arrangements

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The Client:

A marketing and communiations Unit within a large local government authority.

The Brief:

To support changes in structure and reporting arrangements, to achieve devolved operational work from the responsible senior manager to teams, and new team structures, linked to key service delivery areas.

To help team members to appreciate their own working styles and that of others to improve how they work together to achieve outcomes.

To support effective interpersonal communications, new working relationships and foster continuous improvement.

Our Response:

We designed interactive action oriented workshops for the group, conducted in two stages.

First, we used the Magerison-McCann Team Management model and profiles to establish a common framework for team development and enable staff to gain a greater awareness of team roles, team functions, individual and team preferences, and the team dynamics. This included exploring personal work preferences and preferred communication styles.

We then worked with the team to explore its current functioning and how the new teams should operate. This included ensuring that everyone understood the different areas of service delivery in the team and the nature of pressures/challenges faced by others in the group.

We used an action planning focus to record key areas of agreement and commitments arising from the workshops.

The Results:

Recognition of individual and team work preferences and dynamics. This included a practical appreciation of diversity, different communications styles, and different communication strategies which could be used to work with others. Staff improved their self knowledge and were able to identify personal areas for future development.

Greater understanding of the work done by others and the interdependencies between the teams to work together to achieve outcomes.

Agreed actions for group operations, including processes for team meetings, planning and structured review and improvement.

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