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The Client:

A government agency in Queensland providing statewide health services, employing approximately 600 staff working in a range of disciplines.

The Brief:

To work collaboratively with the client to design, develop and implement performance management practices tailored to business and workforce needs.

To provide targeted practical support for managers and staff in implementing performance management practices.

The project was part of a holistic business improvement agenda, to drive cultural change and improved people management focus and practices within the organisation.

Our Response:

The project was conducted in stages, including:

  • initial briefing and client education around HR Advantage performance management expertise and leading practices research
  • engagement of senior leaders as performance management champions
  • research to understand the experiences of managers and staff with performance management and current organisational practices
  • design and development of new performance management process and tools
  • development and delivery of training for all managers and staff
  • a pilot of the new approach was undertaken and evaluated before full implementation
  • implementation advice and support strategies were provided to underpin long-term sustainability

Throughout the project there was substantial communication with all stakeholders to ensure continuing awareness and involvement in the project. HR Advantage worked closely with responsible senior executives with sponsorship of the project at Executive Director level.

The top leadership group was actively involved at all key decision points and in piloting the new process themselves.

The size of the project required us to deploy a team of four consultants, with a nominated lead consultant, who worked closely with the Project Sponsor and in-house Project Manager.

The Results:

A performance management process tailored to organisational and workforce needs. The process was fully supported and owned by the client.

Before the project, many managers and team leaders saw their roles as technical/professional, rather than as leaders and developers of people.

Evidence from implementation has shown that the process has led to improved dialogue and feedback on work requirements and performance, and an improved focus on developing people.

The project has enhanced the commitment to managing and developing people and providing quality performance feedback. Two years after the project staff survey results suggest a stronger people management culture is being developed supported by the performance management practices as a key business tool.

Business Performance Through People

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