Process Re-engineering - Improved Efficiency


Case Studies

The Client:

The Chief Executive Officer of a State Government Enterprise based in Queensland with regional and field officers.

The Brief:

To identify inefficiencies in current workflows, business processes and systems and recommend improvements.

Our Response:

To work with key stakeholders to understand their needs and gain involvement in the review process. This created to a strong appreciation of the project, led high levels of stakeholder ownership and support for the solutions arising from the project.

A series of interviews with the management team was followed by facilitated workshops. The workshop participants included stakeholder representatives and helped to identify:

  • key business requirements
  • all the data currently being collected
  • the need and rationale for collection of the data
  • the field and administrative processes used for core activities
  • the reasons why the key processes were being used, including benefits and limitations

Input from early workshops enabled us to map out and analyse the existing business processes, which demonstrated areas of unnecessary complexity and highlighted opportunities for efficiency.

Stakeholder representatives were then able to creatively participate in developing process improvements and solutions.

These were documented into new work flows for management approval.

The Results:

The recommendations and improvements were presented to the Chief Executive Officer and senior managers and approved for implementation.

Efficiencies in processes have been implemented resulting in significant cost reduction and improved quality.

The savings delivered from this improvement process were redirected to improve resources for service delivery elsewhere in the organisation.

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