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The Client:

An information systems unit of a large government agency providing statewide services. It employs 170 staff and needed to realign itself with a new vision and leading edge business model.

The Brief:

To scope and develop an implementation plan for the organisational change management issues associated with the realignment.

A program of service improvement initiatives was being implemented focussing on technical systems, procedures and infrastructure. There were concerns about how to get commitment from management and staff to the changes and reorganise to achieve the new vision. The deadline for the changes was imminent and many areas such as communication, organisation structure, recruitment and selection, and training and development had not yet been addressed.

Our client wanted independent, professional advice to scope and prioritise the organisational change issues and develop an implementation plan and communication strategy.

Our Response:

HR Advantage used a team of two consultants to work with the client.

The data collection included key stakeholders and individuals, allowing them to input views and identify concerns as well as provide a mechanism for quickly identifying the key issues in a reliable and valid manner. A number of robust organisational change models were used to collect and analyse data and formulate recommendations and an implementation plan.

Key recommendations included:

  • Workshops and ongoing support for the leadership team to assist them in driving the agenda
  • Inclusive processes for quickly developing a new structure, communicating the vision and identifying values and behaviours with all the staff
  • Strategies to assist staff to quickly grasp the behavioural changes required
  • A process to audit existing and required skills and competencies accompanied by a learning and transition strategy
  • Implementation of a unit-wide communication strategy to open up two-way communication about the changes
  • Introduction of a performance management system as a key mechanism to underpin cultural change
  • Resourcing options to support the unit to implement the recommendations

The Results:

We completed the scoping project over ten weeks. Senior management approved our report and recommendations, some of which were implemented before the end of the project.

We worked closely with the Unit management and undertook priority change activities during the project to assist them. For example, we designed and delivered workshops for managers to define their role, identify key actions and accelerate individual and team development as change leaders.

We provided advice to responsible managers to assist them in resourcing the implementation phase.

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