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The Client:

A Government agency working to support and promote the Community Arts Sector in Queensland.

The Brief:

Our client was seeking a skilled facilitator to design and conduct a workshop bringing together a number of arts organisations.  The purpose was to promote cooperation and collaboration across community based organisations.

Our Response:

We designed and delivered a highly interactive workshop involving representatives from a range of community arts organisations and Government. Many of the  representatives had not met before this forum.

The workshop enabled representatives to share information, 'compare notes', learning about what other organisations were doing, including challenges, opportunities and issues being faced.  This included a group assessment of the operating environment for the sector and its implications for the organisations present.  Government representatives provided input on policy and funding directions which further informed discussions. Priorities for the individual organisations and the broader sector agenda were explored.

The Results:

The workshop was favourably received,  Government representatives received positive feedback that participants valued the workshop as a vehicle for making new connections with other organisations and for identifying concrete opportunities for working together with follow up actions that participants could carry forward. It was seen as a positive time investment and there was optimism and energy to build on the connections that had been made.

Our client viewed it as a successful step in a process to foster closer collaboration across the sector.

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