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The Client:

A Health Services Network in Queensland.

The Brief:

To work with the client to design and facilitate a process to result in a clear action plan for greater collaboration between community and aged care providers.  The process included design and delivery of a workshop with multiple providers to inform the development of the action plan and promote engagement and involvement in its delivery.

Our Response:

We worked with the client to understand the multiple organisations involved and to get clarity about the action plan requirements , the isues involved, and the clear outcomes to be achieved from a workshop to feed into that process.   This included advising a stakeholder committee that had been operating to act as catalyst for improvements in this area.

The key focus area for the client was to work with providers to agree actions which would improve patient flows between providers of aged care services and to foster greater practical collaboration between providers.

We designed a workshop with a clear purpose to get stakeholders to identify and explore the most important issues, opportunities, dynamics, practical actions and priorities related to better collaboration in service provision to clients.

The workshop was highly interactive with a strong practical focus on actionable outcomes where levels of relative priority and commitment from providers to contribute to particular improvement strategies was identified and explored.  Some 40 representatives across multiple organisations attended the workshop and the structure ensured all organisations were able to participate equally in discussions and analysis of proposals.

We worked with the client after the workshop to help to structure the outputs into an coherent and actionable plan that the workshop participants could recognise from their inputs, carry forward and work together to execute.

The Results:

Client feedback was that this workshop was the most successful of its type it had run to date.  Feedback from participants was also very positive about their time investment for the information gained, connections made between providers, and outputs.

The client expressed great satisfaction with the action plan in terms of its clarity, clear connection to workshop commitments, and ability to capture and recognise priorities identified by stakeholders.  We were advised they had a high degree of confidence in being able to carry through tangible improvements based on the commitment generated by the workshop process and the follow through of a structured plan.

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