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The Client:

A University employing some 5000 staff operating across multiple campuses in Australia and overseas.

The Brief:

To review performance pay arrangements that had been in place for senior staff and recommend a new scheme to be applied to senior staff across academic and business support groups in the University. 

The University was undergoing significant changes to roles, structures and business processes and the scheme needed to enable and align to these changes.

Our Response:

We met with key senior staff from across the University to understand how previous performance pay arrangements had operated, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.  These previous processes had been unstructured and one of the challenges was to establish a clear picture of the way in which performance pay had been operating in practice for senior staff.  Previous processes had addressed senior academic staff but not senior staff in enabling business areas.  Therefore the design and scope for the new process needed substantial consideration.

We considered the key business drivers, business processes, and criteria that would be relevant to rewarding performance based on incentive pay to senior staff.  These considerations along with our direct consultations with key senior staff addressed what success looks like for senior staff performing within the University both from the perspective of outcomes and also the perspective of leadership roles and expectations.

After intial research which addressed past practices of the University and captured our knowledge of options and approaches to incentives and performance pay we consulted with key senior staff and decision makers regarding new options and models for performance pay for all senior staff.  This feedback informed our report and recommendations, including identification of the issues involved, levels of support for different options, and our recommendations about how to implement the proposed new scheme. 

The Results:

We provided a comprehensive report to the Unviersity which was approved by the senior management team.  Our recommendations included the design of a new performance pay scheme, detailed supporting materials, and  implementation requirements.

Our client reported that they were proceeding to implement new arrangements along the lines that we had recommended.  Our consultation process conducted to develop our recommendations provided a basis of education for senior leaders involved in decision making which assisted their support of the scheme that was recommended and implementation requirements.

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