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The Client:

A Senior Executive leader of a large functional group engaged us to support them in understanding and addressing the results of an employee engagement survey for their group.  

The results pointed to significant staff concerns across the function.  They showed a strong measurable drop in engagement scores compared with the previous survey period.  While the leader was aware of problems experienced by staff due in part to  changes in their wider business environment, they were surprised at the level of concern being reflected by the survey.

The Brief:

We were asked to facilitate a series of staff workshops to enable staff to explore and understand the results, identify actions and make recommendations to address their concerns.  The brief was two-fold.  First to provide a confidential forum for quality staff consultation about the results and underlying issues.  Second to provide independent advice to the executive leader to assist them in formulating a way forward.

Our Response:

After reviewing the survey results, we designed and delivered a series of workshop involving an all staff overview session followed by individual smaller group workshops.  We structured a consistent format for the consultation process.  This involved a series of questions to trigger discussion without limiting the nature or scope of the conversations within individual workshops.  The full engagement survey results were available to everyone before the workshops and we drew out key issues and results relevant to each of the groups to assist their analysis.  The process was designed so that agency for the provision of feedback to the executive leader was kept with staff, as the owners of the feedback, with our consultant operating as a facilitator and conduit and not a problem solver.

Staff feedback was provided to the executive leader (as each group chose) either directly by the group or through the consultant.

We provided our own insights and advice (while observing confidentiality of staff inputs) and acted as a sounding board to the executive leader on the way forward.  This enabled an approach and actions to be quickly formulated to address the issues uncovered through the consultation process. 

The Results:

The executive leader was able to act quickly in response to the survey results.  By facilitating direct staff consultation about the results the leader was informed by staff analysis and recommendations about the specific concerns that had been raised.  They were able to formulate a way forward based on a solid understanding of staff issues, concerns and recommendations.  

Staff felt their concerns had been acknowledged and heard and were being addressed in a considered manner by the executive leader. 

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