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The Client:

A Senior Executive of a global mining company undertaking a substantial restructure to introduce a new HR business model internationally.  This Executive had responsbility for staff capability development to support the new business model.

The Brief:

During a major restructure a number of HR staff were appointed to changed roles with confirmation in thse roles subject to demonstrated proficiency.  The management team had established this principle and required a procedure to enact it.

Decision makers sought a robust, quality assured process to be undertaken before final placement of staff to roles.  A key objective was to ensure staff were treated fairly and given effective support through their managers in taking on new/changed roles.

HR Advantage was engaged to provide advice and practical implementation assistance.

Our Response:

Due to the size, scope and complexity of the HR redesign there was significant confusion about transition processes.  There was a need for clarity, guidance and clear communication about expectations and process.

We worked initially with the responsible Executive to define key principles and a process that would satisfy the management team's need for a robust, consistent approach.  This initial policy work was used by the Executive to gain maangement team endorsement.

We then developed practical materials to assist managers to conduct targeted assessments and enact development action plans for affected staff.

We held discussions with all managers involved (some 60 people globally) to discuss the individuals involved, share assessment and development action plan templates, and help identify issues, concerns, opportunities and solutions based on individual staff circumstances.

We provided a communication link feeding back to the responsiblie Executive key issues and how these were being addressed locally.  We also provided a conduit for clarifying information and connecting key people.  

The Results:

Our policy work provided a framework of key principles for the management team which supported them in their governance role in finalising placements for affected staff.

Our tailored assessment and development action planning templates provided guidance and a structure for managers to use in undertaking focused discussions with affected employees.

Key to this was to ensure an easrly assessment was made with development actions put in place well before the final decision making deadline.  This meant staff had the opportunity to understand strengths and address capability gaps with their managers early, on a 'no surprises' basis.  In a situation of uncertainty due to significant business changes, this provided clarity and guidance.

Managers provided very positive feedback and welcomed the input.  Managers were generally grateful for the opportunity to discuss the circumstances of affected staff with an independent party and for the guidance provided by the process and templates.  These were seen to be practical and highly targeted to their needs.  Managers also gained confidence recognising a consistent process was being promulgated to support fair treatment of staff involved.

The Executive managing the process was very pleased with our ability to structure a practical approach and execute it, working positively to support people across the business, and providing clarity during a complex transition process.

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