Targeted Coaching Approach - Personalised Plan

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Case Studies

The Client:

The Director of a large organisational unit within a Government agency providing statewide health services.

The Brief:

To work with the Director and one of the managers providing targeted one on one coaching to enhance the manager's people management capabilities. The context involved a highly skilled professional who had moved into a managerial role in a complex human resource environment but with limited people management experience.

The Director had identified through discussions with the manager, staff feedback, and performance reviews that the manager was experiencing difficulty in certain staff management situations and in aspects of Unit leadership.

HR Advantage was engaged to work on a confidential basis with the manager to provide skilling, support and assistance to enhance management skills and confidence.

Our Response:

After meeting with the Director and manager we agreed a structured development process and a set timeframe for the coaching process.

We negotiated and agreed the support role of the consultant as coach and the developmental support role of the Director in regular communication and performance feedback and assistance to the manager. Expectations were discussed and agreed regarding the manager's needs and we secured their commitment to the development process.

In agreement with both parties, we used the Team Management Profile to explore management and leadership styles and preferences. This was used as a tool to raise awareness of team leadership styles and models and as a basis to reflect on some of the people and team dynamics the manager was facing.

We undertook a series of structured coaching meetings the details of which were kept confidential. We held a mid-point and end-point review involving the Director and the manager which facilitated feedback about progress.

An additional agreed element involved facilitating a team workshop for the manager's direct reports. This introduced common language and frameworks around team development and management styles and how this related to people working together. This fostered improved communication between team leaders who comprised this group.

The Results:

After the agreed structured coaching period was completed, ongoing development needs and strategies were identified with the Director and the manager. These were followed up through performance planning and review between the Director and the manager.

The Director reported improvements in team operations and observed changes in the manager's approach which seemed to address staff concerns. The manager reported that they had felt at times challenged but also supported by the assistance provided. The use of an independent consultant was considered essential by both parties in supporting the manager's development and ensuring a confidential approach.

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