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The Client:

The Chief Executive of a medium sized finance and risk management organisation employing approximately 200 people and embarking on significant organisational change to adopt a new business model.

The Brief:

We were engaged to work with the Chief Executive, HR Executive and Executive Team to provide specialist change management advice throughout a major tranformation of the organisation.  The organisation was introducing a new business model and operating approach that required signifcant structural, role and cultural change involving people across all areas of the business.

Our Response:

We initially undertook a scan of the organisation to understand the change drivers, agenda and desired outcomes and to identify relevant challenges, issues and opportunities in making the change successful.  We provided advice on change management principles and a framework.  This included participating in briefing the Board with the Chief Executive.

We worked closely with the Chief Executive and Executive Team throughout all aspects of designing and implementing the change including revision of structures, staff transition to new roles, new leadership team protocols and processes, team development to support Executives in establishing restructured teams, leadership development and coaching, and advice on enabling people management processes.

The nature of the engagement was as an implementation partner over a period of approximately 12 months. 

The Results:

The organisation made the structural changes while retaining and engaging key staff and ensuring continued high performance in provision of services to clients and key stakeholders.

Feedback from the Chief Executive, HR Executive and Executives suggested they had felt well supported by our extended involvement in the process and the expertise we were able to bring regarding people, culture and change management.  There was also feedback that ouri involvement provided a level of assurance to the Board in pusuing significant change with the knowledge that there was expert support available to the Executive in leading and implementing the outcomes required.

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