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Resolving Workplace Conflict

Case Studies

The Client:

The marketing and sales group of a large hotel.

The Brief:

There had been growing interpersonal conflict between team members. The Human Resources Manager and the Hotel Manager had concerns relating to work culture, values and conduct and felt these were impacting negatively on the team, on other teams in the Hotel, and on client reputation.

HR Advantage was engaged to design and facilitate a workshop for the team to assist them to identify concerns and agree groundrules, behaviour and conduct expectations moving forward.

Our Response:

HR Advantage met with the Human Resources Manager and Hotel Manager to understand the background to the concerns and the outcomes sought.

The team comprised some new and some long standing members and there appeared to be different expectations, varying levels of cooperation and quality of working relationships between team members. Symptoms included interpersonal conflict, complaints about behaviours, and concerns about customer service, team reputation, and the  overall performance of team. Team members cited personality clashes and difficulties with varying professional standards and working relationships.

In conducting the workshop we the Window on Work Values tool as a framework to express and explore concerns and address workplace conduct, behaviour and values at work.

This tool provides personal profiling related to workplace values, raises personal awareness and provides a basis for exploring values sets, possible clashes and their impact on behaviour and perceptions of work conduct. This was then related to the organisations' values and expectations.

The group worked together to identify their major concerns and impacts and developed agreed actions to address these. We facilitated agreement between team members about including an agreed set of 'team rules' and a follow up process. This also involved the Human Resource Manager and Hotel Manager in maintaining open communication and two-way feedback in support of the changes the team would make.

The Results:

We met with the Human Resources Manager and the Hotel Manager after the workshop and was given very positive feedback about the outcomes. They had observed clear improvements in the interactions between team members and more respectful behaviours. Concerns regarding client service and team reputation were significantly addressed.

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