WH&S Review - Embedding new processes

Health and Safety

Case Studies

The Client:

A care organisation providing community services based in South East Queensland.

The Brief:

To undertake a review of the health and safety systems managing the injury and health risks to staff, clients and volunteers and provide a report to the Senior Executive and Board.

Our Response:

One of our senior consultants was embedded in the organisation's Workplace Health and Safety Team.  Through this process we were able to observe first hand the diverse range of activites conducted over multiple sites.  We gained  an understanding of health and safety issues and needs through discussions with employees, managers, senior executives and volunteers and worked through these collaboratively with the WH&S Team.  We considered a range of internal documents including records of meetings.

We prepared a draft report which was discussed with the senior executive team and subsequently finalised for presentation to the Board.

The Results:

Our final report was considered by the Senior Executive and the Board and formed the basis for decisions regarding changes.  Our recommendations were adopted and guided the restructuring of WH&S systems for the organisation.

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