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Patrick Albina

Patrick is a trusted consultant, executive coach and corporate educator.  He is one of small number of practitioners specialising in the field of complexity and systems thinking.  He blends his management skills and technical background in engineering and project management with the latest thinking in systems and in modern complexity leadership and management techniques to identify and deliver solutions for clients.

Patrick works with businesses to provide practical support in leading strategically in a complex and often uncertain environment.  He has worked with businesses including large global companies in Australia, Europe, the USA and South Africa.  Projects include leadership coaching, team development, strategic change, operational integration and restructuring processes, relationship management, conflict management and building resilience. 

Business increasingly needs to find different ways to do things as the complexity of today's workplace is becoming more stressful, with managers needing to both personally keep up with continual change, rapidly evolving technology and the management of multiple stakeholders, as well as leading and guiding teams through complex and often ambiguous operating environments.

Patrick is a Graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy, has a Bachelor of Engineering (majoring in Aeronautical Engineering), a Masters Degree in Aerospace and an Executive MBA in Complexity Leadership and Management.  He works actively with engineers at different levels of their careers and is an Executive Coach for the QUT School of Business.

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