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Ken Horrigan

Ken specialises in risk management, ergonomics and workplace health and safety.  He has worked with public and private sector clients in most industries as a senior manager and consultant.

Ken works with staff at all levels to put in place effective risk assessment and risk management processes to implement cost savings through pro-active initiatives. Ken has held senior management roles with the National Safety Council of Australia, and has served as an expert member on the Workplace Health and Safety Council and a number of standing committees. Ken also has extensive experience as a trainer and facilitator with excellent change management skills.

Ken believes in a positive approach to health and safety as a basis for avoiding risks and improving business performance.

Ken has taught ergonomics at tertiary level, is a Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia and is one of the few certified Mechanical Engineering Ergonomists in Australia.  Not only an experienced practitioner, Ken is well recognised as a leader in the field.

Ken is a Senior Consultant with HR Advantage.

Telephone 07 3290 1232

Email khorrigan@hradvantage.com.au

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