Strategic Team Development Profile

The STDP enables us to work jointly with teams to undertake a needs analysis and build a picture of a team's strengths and weaknesses, identifying potential areas for development to improve overall team performance. The instrument elicits structured feedback from team members plus managers plus key stakeholders/customers which assists in building a picture taking into account various perspectives. The results are referenced against a High Energy Teams Model.

The tool considers: Who we are (the people/team composition); where we are now (current state); where we are going (direction); how we will get there (planning); what is expected of us (requirements); what support do we need (resources/guidance etc); how effective are we (performance); what recognition do we get (reinforcement).

The results enable us to work collaboratively with managers and teams to interpret the results and develop action plans to support team improvements with a focus on high performance and team development. Because the tool takes into account feedback from a range of sources it mitigates against 'group think' and keeps teams focused on key external as well as internal factors that influence outcomes and performance.

Business Performance Through People

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