Improving Workplace Culture

Working with organisations and teams to develop and improve workplace culture aligned with business and workforce needs.

This work involves ensuring the culture aligns with the strategy, business drivers, priorities, leadership behaviours, change requirements, and workforce needs.  We work with leaders and teams to establish and embed productive and healthy workplace norms relevant to the business and the workforce.

We have worked with organisations to review engagement practices and workplace norms.  We have worked with organisations to develop targeted employee engagement strategies either on a proactive basis or to address concerns that have been identified through employee engagement surveys, staff feedback, observations,or in response to incidents or other forms of data.

We have worked with clients to consider how desired values and cultural attributes are embedded into practices and processes including key management practices.

We have worked with teams at all levels to faciliate discussion and translate desired workplace norms and values into action and to review and continue to improve cultural norms.

Case Studies

Business Performance Through People

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